The origins of Lizzie D’s American Bakery

Elizabeth Draper is originally from the American South but has lived in London for thirty years.

She learned to bake from her mother and grandmother who taught her how to make traditional Bundt cakes, all-butter cookies, sweet fruit breads and the great American deep-dish pie.  She lived in France in her twenties and added Parisian style to her kitchen; in London her classic all-American recipes continued to develop with the influence of other cultures until they formed a rich, wonderful range of cakes and baked goods, made using only natural ingredients.

Because everyone she met wanted to try her cakes, Elizabeth started to explore vegan and gluten-free baking.  She found that experimenting beyond the boundaries of traditional baking brought out the best in her.  In 2013, she started a business from her Greenwich home kitchen and called it Lizzie D’s Bakery. She baked, packed and delivered herself until the success of the business outgrew even her considerable stamina.

When an established North London bakery discovered Elizabeth’s cakes, they loved the idea of further developing her range of homemade, wholesome products – including a strong “free from” selection.  Elizabeth sold the company and the recipes to what is now Lizzie D’s American Bakery.


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